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Tips for Saving Money

  1. For the domestic freight: you can choose postage-free online stores. You can also buy more than just one piece of goods in the same store, because online stores usually ensure free postage for those packages worth of certain amount of money, or they may only charge you of the postage once if you buy certain amount of money worth of goods. If your package overweighs, you only need to pay for the postage for the weighed part. 
  2. For the overseas freight: when taodepot receives your goods, the staff will record the weight of goods and weight of the outer package into the system. For example, the net weight of your shoes is 0.6 kg, and the outer package weighs 0.4 kg, which means the total weight of your shoes will only be 0.6 kg without the outer package. That is only half the weight of the original parcel. Choosing “without outer package” when submitting international delivery will exclude the package weight and therefore help you reduce the freight. If you choose “without labels” when submitting international delivery, our staff will remove the labels. That way, the probability of clearance can be reduced, and your goods can avoid being confiscated by Customs. 
  3. EMS and DHL both use 500g as a single charge unit. When you submit your parcel, sometimes there can be hundred worth of weight being wasted. Therefore, we suggest that you buy small goods along with large goods to make full use of the parcel weight. The most effective saving method is to reduce waste.